Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Closet, Maeby's Room?

I didn't really love the idea of having my closet in our guest room, (I mean, that requires walking...geez) but now I'm pretty pumped about it. It's like having a huge walk-in closet. Not to mention, I'm in love with the paint color and I'm glad I get to visit it on a daily basis.  

Overall, the system is working fairly well. (Although I do need to add some window coverings before the neighbors get to know me a little too well.) I have a closet to myself, a bed to hide shoes under, and a whole dresser dedicated to me. In the future I'd like to add a mirror or two (or three) over the dresser, a cuter light beside the bed, a rug and a fabulous headboard, but it's working for now. Well, all except for the fact that my dog is trying to take it over. This is what I came across the other night when we were heading to bed...

She was not pleased when I made her get down off that new guest bed (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) and come to our bedroom. She moped enough that I started to feel a little guilty. I'm in charge. She's just a dog. I'm in charge...

Here are a few pictures of the guest room as it is currently. I'm pretty much in love with it. I can't wait till the funds are available to start adding to it...she'll be a beauty for sure.

At some point there will be a headboard includedin this picture...a DIY creation by yours truly. 
The beautiful orchid was a house warming gift
from one of my besties, Megan. Love!

The bucket chair my sweet hubby bought me
on Valentines day fills up this lonely corner.

Until next time...

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  1. look fab, as if there was any doubt.

    Love my fur-niece photos!