Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blank Slate

An amazing amount of work has been done on our new home this weekend and quite frankly, I'm tired. I refuse to be one of those people (one of those blogs) that pretends that it's easy to balance getting work done on your house and well, anything else. I'm going to be honest, we accomplished a ton, but I'm basically behind on anything and everything else...reading, laundry, blogging, etc. 
But lets stay on the positive side, shall we?
Before I jump ahead and show you what my hubby and I have achieved with our mad skills, I must show you what we started with. Off we go.

Den/Bonus Room - Entry from the Carport

Den/Bonus Room - Looking toward Kitchen & Carport Door

1/2 Bath & Laundry Room - Connected to Den
I'm in love with the green paint. Aren't you?
(You better say no. That would be typed sarcasm people.)

1/2 Bath & Laundry Room - Laundry Room side
Lovely, right?

Kitchen - Looking from Den towards Living/Dining Room & Future Master

Kitchen - Looking from Den
Love that stainless steel, don't you?

Kitchen - Looking towards Den from Living/Dining

Kitchen - Extra Cabinetry
Awkward. Not sure what's going to happen over here. Stay tuned.

Future Master Bedroom
No, I'm not crazy...we've got big plans for this one.

Future Master Bedroom
I'm serious...It's looking better already.

Hallway - Looking towards the future master

Main Bathroom
Jealous of that green tile? It's pretty sweet.

Main Bathroom
Yes, those crappy shelves above the toilet are already gone.
You're welcome.

Main Bathroom Vanity

Hallway - Looking from Bathroom
No, your computer screen isn't messing up. The hallway is pink.

Extra Bedroom
No plans for this one yet. I hesitate to say that it will be the future nursery cause...well, you know...we don't want to start that game.

Extra Bedroom

Hallway - Looking towards the Guest Room

Guest Room
The beautiful wallpaper is going.

Guest Room - Looking towards the pink hallway

Hallway - Looking from Extra Bedroom towards Living Room
Sorry for the blurry picture. We can't all be perfect.

Dining Room - Looking from the Living Room
Such amazing paint colors, right?

Living Room - Looking from Dining Room
Front Door is on the left next to me. :)

So that's the interior of our new home. If I wasn't so stinking tired from all the painting, I would update you on more, but yeah. Not going to happen. 

Until next time...


  1. Looks like the previous owners got wood.

  2. What Frank said. Definitely something to pine over

  3. OOOh! I know how you love a good project! So exciting! Congratulations on becoming homeowners! I have so many questions for the previous owners... why pink halls? why orange? why lime? why creepy shelves over the toilet??? I do love all the natural light in the front rooms though.
    I know it will be amazing when you're done and can't wait to see how things progress along the way! yay!