Friday, February 4, 2011

Our First Purchase for Our First Home

We have officially purchased our first piece of furniture for our new home. Yay! I'm pretty pumped about it and I was able to convince the hubbie that we should purchase it now rather than waiting until we move in. (What girl wants to wait to purchase home decor? Not this one.)

Wondering how I managed that? Well it was on sale at World Market, I had a coupon and we had a $50 gift card from some wonderful God-Parents to use. (Yes!) And much more importantly, it relates to what my man really cares about...the T.V. and the Xbox. (Both of which is he using as we speak.) These are two every important items in his world so he was easily convinced that it was necessary to get are media cabinet ASAP.

Here she is for your viewing pleasure.

Madera Media Stand - Cost Plus World Market

Sadly, she's still in her box and is now ruining the look of my dining room, but she'll be the perfect fit for our new living room. I just have to figure out a way to hide her when all my small group ladies arrive in the morning. (That's probably my best tip for keeping your house looking good for guests...close some doors and hide some crap. Works like a charm.)

I'll keep you updated on all the purchases to come.

Until next time...


  1. I'm a little confused how it is a "she"

    At least you haven't named it yet

  2. I can make her a he if it makes you more comfortable, Mr. McGoo. I really don't mind. :)