Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"That is so Wrong" Wednesday Vol.1

I'm pretty sure that I love really terrible design just as much as I love great design. It's so fun to see the things people create and are actually willing to live with. It's comical and has led me to believe that it is 100% necessary to have "That is so Wrong" Wednesdays on my blog. I will be finding a delightfully hideous photo to present each week and together we can all enjoy that moment of, "What were they thinking?" 

My first "That is so Wrong" Wednesday really isn't that terrible, but it features a room we have to tackle in our soon-to-be home. It is the very green 50's bathroom, but it's not the green tile all over the place that I have a problem with. (I mean, come on, it was the 50's. They were keeping up with the Joneses.) My issue lies with the dreadful shower curtain, matching window treatment, and plain white walls. I mean, really? It's 2011. Try a little.

Let's see what you think.

I'd like to add that this is the same seller that wanted to be sure that we understood that we were not allowed to keep the martini glass light-switch cover in the laundry room. It took me a while to let that one go. Obviously we are buying the house because of her tacky light-switch cover. 

(I hope the seller doesn't ever stumble across this blog. That could be awkward when she stops by the house to take her strawberries in the Spring.)

Until next time...


  1. The walls are white? The green must be reflecting like crazy because they totally look YELLOW!

  2. I agree the walls look yellow. What do u have in mind for this bathroom? Wall color? Shower curtain? I suggest just a 2 inch woood blind or roman shade on the window:)Mom

  3. No martini glass light-switch!? Sad day. :(

  4. Hey Momma,
    I've got a shower curtain in mind, but haven't seen it in person so it may not work. But, yes, I'm planning on a roman shade AND having your husband frame out our mirror like he did in your upstairs bathroom :P

  5. This looks almost like my mom's bath, except her tub and sink are yellow! She's got a yellow, navy, and green plaid shower curtain in there. It's a bit much with the lights on!