Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Broken Heart

I've never been one to really focus on Valentine's Day. Brent and I haven't ever really gone all-out for that particular holiday. It just doesn't really seem necessary. And now I feel like  the universe it telling me I need to keep it that way. 

I had decided to make a Valentine's Day themed wreath for my front door. I found a heart shaped wreath form and eagerly got to work on my new creation today. It was all going well until...well, take a look.

Apparently I don't know my own strength. I broke my heart. Ugh, and it would have been so cute. Don't worry, I didn't cry. (But only because Brent was here and I didn't want to be judged.)

I guess Valentine's Day decor is not in my future. When the universe tells you "no," you have to listen. Let's just hope for better luck on the next project. 

Until next time...


  1. I tell the universe, "screw you, I'm getting the hot glue."

  2. Looks like it had a good future, until...well it didn't. Maybe a year's research into the flex factors of styrofoam will lead to better results next Valentine's.

  3. It's styrofoam, Lloyd. Not a cell phone. How much research can one really do?

    Nerd. :)

  4. How long do you think FILL would take to buy a styrofoam heart, Brent? I'm guessing 2 months.

  5. Well, let's see...

    the research available just boggles the mind. Yep, two months or more! :-)

  6. hilarious commentary on the comments here.

    In regards to the wreath, I'm glad it broke. :) Valentine's day decor can be so hokey, granted, if anyone could pull it off well it would be Kee Creative! ;)

  7. You just researched how long it would take to research something. Enough is enough, Lloyd. Time for a research intervention!