Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bathroom Confusion

When family visits, blogging stops. I apologize.

I did, however, get to show the fam the house-to-be. It was pretty interesting since the seller was there setting up for an estate sale. I always think it's awkward running into her. I mean, we've argued back and forth over money before. Doesn't that make everything more uncomfortable? The plus side (hopefully) is that there were actually a couple pieces of furniture I'd like to buy from her. We'll have to wait and see how those negotiations go. She's a little stubborn.

I of course wanted to let everyone see our new home, but I also had another, more selfish  reason for stopping in again. I previously posted a picture of the totally green tiled bathroom that we are about to own and as you can imagine, it's a design challenge. I had purchased a possible shower curtain that I was DYING to try out. So I excitedly entered our future bathroom on Saturday, pulled that perfect shower curtain out of my bag, laid it down on the counter and instantly...

realized it sucked. It wasn't even close. Regrettably, I was back to square one. 

I've been wanting to find a shower curtain that would incorporate at least a tad bit of green so it would appear that I'm embracing the tile rather than trying to hide it, but I've really had no such luck. We've got about 4 different shades of green to deal with between the walls and floor and the main tile is very, very pastel in color. There just isn't much out there that can rock it out with that tile. As a result, I gave in to the neutral shower curtain option. 

Today, I purchased (with the approval and support of my mom and little sister) a shower curtain from Target along with a couple accent towels. Check it out.

Simple. Neutral, but at least a bit of pattern. We are going to add a brown fabric panel to the bottom of the shower curtain so that I can mount it higher up on the wall. It also helps by combining our color scheme of the grey and brown on one specific item in the room.

So the general game plan to "modernize" the bathroom is this:
  • Grey Walls
  • Brown Roman Shade in the window
  • Brown frame added around the existing mirror
  • Floating shelves above toilet
  • Grey or Brown Bath Mat
  • Modern art work - TBC ( "To Be Created")

I can't wait to get started! Hopefully the hubby and I will be tackling this room the last weekend of February. I'll be sure to post all the amazingly fantastic photos later.

Until next time...

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  1. sounds like a plan sis.
    Wish we could have seen it too, but one day! :)