Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My New Friend, Ester

After debuting my first yarn wreath, I got the urge to keep my wreath-mojo moving. For those of you who don't know, Hobby Lobby is a crafter's Disney World. (OK, maybe that's too strong of a comparison, but you get the idea.) Basically, I could unknowingly spend hours in a Hobby Lobby. There are so many craft ideas just waiting to jump into your head as soon as you walk in the door. It's oh, so exciting. The hard part is deciding on one idea so you don't end up overspending and making your husband mad.  

I haven't been married long, but it's been long enough for me to learn that men do not understanding the need to spend money on craft projects. They just don't seem get that excited about the perfect fabric or the adorable stamp you found in order to make the perfect magnet. Strange, I know.

Anyway, I entered Hobby Lobby the other night and was instantly inspired for my next wreath.   I would now like to introduce to you, Ester. (I named her Ester because it looks like Easter...get it? Ester? Easter? Yep. That's it.)

This wreath is also super budget friendly.  Here's the breakdown for those interested:
  • Wreath: $2.99 @ 1/2 off = $1.50 (only about 10" size)
  • Full Bag of Mini Clothes Hangers: $2.99 (but only used 7 - plenty left for another project)
  • Patterned Fabric: $1.22 x 3 = $3.66 (1/4 of a yard each - again, plenty left over)
  • Burlap Fabric: $3.49 (1/2 yard)
  • Twine: $3.47 (more twine than I will EVER use)
=$15.11 Total

But only the $1.50 wreath cannot be used again. Everything else is sitting in my craft bag waiting for their next project. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Here are a couple close ups for you kids.

Don't they look like little Easter Eggs? Oh, Ester. You're so sweet.

TIP: Purchase items you really love so you can be sure you'll want to use it again. That fabric can be used on another wreath or it could be put in a frame and used as art. I'm sure you'll see them again.

Until next wreath...


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations on buying a house! How grown up of you!
    And welcome to the blog world!

  2. Ester is adorable!
    Yeah, my mind does not work like this "here are so many craft ideas just waiting to jump into your head as soon as you walk in the door. It's oh, so exciting."

    I go in for the kill at Hobby Lobby - I know what I'm going for when I get there, hunt it, kill it, and leave. You must have gotten the craft gene that I was lacking.