Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Cheese

So I know you all want to see more house pictures. You want to see anything and everything that we have done and plan to do to our new home. I mean, why else would you be keeping up with this blog. (Like how I assume that you are actually "keeping up" with this blog? Ha.) 

Well, you're not getting it. At least not yet because it's now time to get cheesy.

Before I jump into all the home progress that will fill up many a blog post, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has and who will be helping us along the way. 

Our first two days as homeowners immediately reminded us of how truly blessed we are with loving friends and family. We have already received painting help from the in-laws and two of our friends this past weekend and my parents are spending this next weekend here to help us progress even further. I know there will be more than a few people helping us with the official move and whatever else we need to accomplish. It is an overwhelming feeling of love to know that there are people in this world more than willing to sacrifice their weekend to help us advance our dream. We appreciate you all more than we can express. (Although we will try to show it by buying you pizza and beer.)

I also want to recognize the fact that God has hugely blessed us in our marriage and in our journey to own our first home. Not that many months ago this house thing seemed so far away and out of our reach, but God came through for us as he always seems to do. 

We are blessed. 

OK, enough cheese. Don't fret, these types of posts shouldn't happen often. Although, I might show some intense emotion over some throw pillows. Just saying.

Until next time...


  1. ^ waste of a comment

    Pizza and Beer? I thought this was a Wine and Cheese kind of blog?

  2. We just dropped 10% on a house and $500 on paint for said house. How could we afford Gruyere and Sauvignon for your expensive tastes, Kelly? PBR and Little Caesar's for you, broseph.