Friday, February 18, 2011

My New Gems

We are a week away from closing on our first home. (Woop, Woop!) 

Today the seller had a moving sale where I was able to snag a couple gems that are just waiting for a fabulous makeover. I grabbed a dresser and a chair that I had spotted at a previous walk through of the house. Originally, she had the items priced well over my generous design budget ($175) so we were sadly going to have to pass. But then, in an excellence change of events, she dropped the price to $100 for both items and I quickly snatched them up.

First, here's our new guest room dresser:

Isn't she just adorbs? ("Adorbs" = Adorable. I told my hubbie that I was going to make it a thing...just go with it.) 

Here's the plan: 1. Paint it white  2. Paint the interior a bright color (or cover the drawers with wallpaper)  3. Add new funky knobs  4. Sit back and admire my mad makeover skills. 

Now, here is our new chair. I'm not positive where it will end up, but I'm thinking it will join the living room. Take a peek:

I love the style lines of this chair, but the finishes push it too far into the traditional realm. My plan is to:  1. Paint the frame (probably white)  2. Recover it with a modern patterned fabric.  3. Sit in my super comfy, super cute chair. 

I'm really excited about my newest additions for the house! I can't wait to fix them up and find some additional hand-me-downs in need of a new home. We'll be in ours soon enough and furniture is currently at a minimum. 

Until next time... 


  1. I vote for a medium-dark grey paint on the chair. Does my vote count? I'll have to look at it every day.