Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Plan: Living Room

I spend a lot of time creating design plans for myself. Usually in just a Word document. I copy and paste home decor items and furniture that I'm in love with (for the moment) and dream of how it would all come together. It helps me think. (And gives me something to do while the hubbie plays Xbox.) 

It's quite entertaining to look back over all the design schemes I've come up with before we even started house hunting. I've created tons of "perfect" designs that have later been deleted, redone or forgotten. Knowing how often I change my mind on what I think is the ideal home decor can make moving forward on designing our new home a little worrisome. That is, until I realize that all these plans have been put together before I even knew what our home would look like. 

Once we are actually in our home, I believe I will be able to easily nail down a design plan that we will love. I have a game plan for now, but I'll have to stay open to any changes that may be needed along the way. I think you never really know for sure until you get to plug some items into the space. (Budget issues will also affect some of the overall choices. Got to have some cash available first...bartering doesn't work so well.)

Here's the plan (for now) for our new living room:

(We obviously have furniture already in our currently living room that will be joining in with these items as well. I just didn't feel like making the effort to take individual pictures of everything. Call me lazy.)

I'm pretty sure the living room wall color will work and we already own the media cabinet and chair so you can be sure those will be around in the final design. I also grabbed the Target pillows (that Young House Love stole from me) this weekend. As for everything else, we'll see if they actually get to make it to our home. It will be fun to see what the final result is. Stay tuned.

Until next time...


  1. ewww ahhh!
    cannot wait to see... do NOT forget to take before and after photos for every step of the way!!! You'll want to see how far the rooms will come!

  2. I agree with Heather. :)

    And don't forget to take photos of everyone slaving away while painting.. I wanna be able to point and laugh at them.