Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get Out of My Head

So as you can see in my "Blogs I Dig" section, I like to check out the very popular design blog, Young House Love. It's actually the blog that inspired me to finally start blogging on my own. I discovered it a couple months ago and fell in love. It's written by a young couple that documents all of their home renovations. They give step by step by step instructions on how they completed their projects so you can attempt it on your own as well. Basically, it's wonderful. 

But there is now an issue. They are stealing all my design ideas and posting it before I actually get to do it in our home. Seriously.

First, I had decided that I wanted to paint our main living and dining room grey. (Behr's Silver Sateen may be the winning paint color.) I've always loved grey walls. I'm pretty sure my parents thought I was a little strange when I told them I wanted to paint my bedroom grey in high school. (Don't worry, I proved them wrong. It looked great.) Anyway, I made the paint color plan and then days later Young House Love posted photos of their newly painted grey living room. Geez.

Second, I decided that I wanted to paint our new guest room a dark color. (We're thinking Behr's Moonlit Pool will do the job.)  I wanted at least one room in the house to be a bold, over the top, dark color. The guest room has two decently sized windows and therefore can handle the dark wall color. Also, since it isn't a room that will be constantly lived in, it allows you to have a little more fun. Well...I just peeked in on Young House Love and they just posted that they are planning for a dark paint color for their guest room. Why? Because it has two windows that bring in plenty of light. Better not be Moonlit Pool.

Finally, after seeing the guest bedroom plan, I scrolled down to some previous posts that I hadn't had a chance to read yet and found a picture. A picture that shocked me. Yes, as I scrolled down that blog page I spotted none other than the Target pillows that I picked out this past weekend for our living room. Apparently, they've already stole that idea from me too.  Get out of my head!

I can't wait to see what other ideas I can come up with just to find them on someone else's blog. I guess I should be proud. They are super popular (even appeared on the Nate Burkus Show) so I must be moving in the right direction.

Oh, and don't worry, I'll be sure to just plain steal some of their ideas for our home. There is no shame in copying good design.

Until next time...


  1. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


    That's funny

  2. 1. Actually, you both have stolen my ideas. See, I had blue in my back room and grey in my front room until some/all of the Wilson girls painted over them.

    2. Moonlit Pool? Silver Sateen? I don't ever remember those colors being in the Crayola box of 64. Seems like colors are getting more feminine the older I get. Let's hope they never start painting cars in those colors.

  3. And let's not forget about the black and white checkered flooring. Robin's sure to steal that one too !